09th Jun 2008

Eric is 32 years old today

ericeaster2008.JPGEric & kids – Easter 2008  eric_ava.JPG Eric & Ava – 2004  Eric and Ava Eric & Zennon – 2002

Eric is 32 – I can’t believe that I have a son over 30! The time goes by so fast. I really like the pictures of Eric when his kids are in their first year. Every one of them show a loving, caring dad. I am very proud of the man Eric has turned out to be.

Happy Birthday Eric! 

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02nd Jun 2008

Mary Beth and the “B” word…..

MB in a Balloon over Eau Claire  I know what you might have been thinking – but the “B” word refers to “Birthday”! She would not like me to tell you how old she is – but she looks pretty good for someone born June 3, 1956. Please feel free to register and leave her a birthday message. She would love to hear from all of you. The picture here is a couple of years ago when she was able to reach one of her “Life Goals” – a ride in a hot air balloon. It was an awesome ride and she was able to keep the balloon inflated all on her own! LOL

I love her with all my heart. Happy Birthday Mary Beth!

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01st Jun 2008

Right sidebar explained

Please check out the right side of the screen. There are a lot of areas here that you might not understand. This might help you get more use out of our site. Under “Pages” are links to our Online Photo Albums. Just click on the line and you will be taken to our pages at PhotoBucket. Also, under “Blogroll” are links to some friends of ours. I also have links to several online business web sites that I run. Please take a look at “Home Business Opportunity” for an easy way to make a little extra cash.

If you scroll down a little to the “Meta” heading you will see “Register” and “Login”. I encourage everyone to leave comments on my postings. To do that you must register. I do that because otherwise it will fill up with porn and spam in a matter of minutes!

The next section contains some “Button Links”. I have a profile that you can view by clicking the Linked In button. Linked In is like My Space for business people. It is really a great networking place. I use it a lot to connect with people I have worked with in the past and to make new contacts. The SiteMeter Button shows how many people have visited our site since we started. Next is Technorati – this is a site that shows popular blog posts. Please click on this button to help increase the expose our blog gets!

The next Button is for BlueHost. If you want to have a website this is the button to press! You can have as many web sites as you want, as many email addresses as you want, plus it will automatically setup WordPress (this is how I setup this site) and it is so easy anyone can do it! If you want a site but are afraid to do it on your own I can help. All you have to do is register and leave a comment with a description of what you want. I will contact you and work out the details. You can have all this for only $6.95 a month. This is a fantastic offer!

The last section is my Google Ads. If you see a link that you are interested in – just click and I will make a few cents to help pay for my web sites. Only click if you are interested in the advertisers – it will help out both of us.

Thanks – Make it a Great Day – You deserve It!

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24th May 2008

Full House!

Summer is here and we have full house! Our son Eric & his partner Emilie have moved in to the lower level of our house along with Emily’s 4 year old Melissa and Eric’s 3 year old Ava and 5 year old Zennon. Eric has his kids during the summer and his ex – Tammie has them during the school year. Mary Beth & I really wanted to be able to spend a lot of time this summer with the grandkids and this seemed like the perfect way to do it. Our house has plenty of room and it gives Eric & Emilie the ability to save some money and move into an apartment this fall when Ava & Zennon go back to their mom.

We bought Ava her first bike and all three kids love to go for rides with their “Nana”. We are doing lots of outside activities. The kids love helping in the garden as well as playing with toys and riding bikes. We have set up the family room with their inside toys. We are strongly enforcing a new rule – if you take it out you put it back BEFORE leaving the room. So far we have about 95% compliance!

We are really looking forward to the summer. We will keep you posted on various activities and I promise to include lots of pictures!

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13th Apr 2008

Happy Birthday Haley & Amber!

On April 9th our twin granddaughters – Haley & Amber became teenagers! They are now 13 years old. Mary Beth and I could not be there to celebrate – but they are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers every day. Particularity on their birthday.

We don’t get to see them as much as we would like. However, we are in touch by email almost every week. We cherish those emails nearly as much as the time we get to spend with them. Our family is so important to us and Haley & Amber are a BIG part of our family. They are growing up so fast – but they are so great! How many teenagers email their grandparents EVERY week?

Haley – Amber – we love you very very much and cannot wait to see you!

Love – Nana & Gramps!!!!

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04th Apr 2008

How Important is Your Health to You?

We all have our own unique approach to our health. Most of us completely ignore it until we are at least35. Then some of us go overboard, most of us do what is easy or convenient and some of us continue to ignore it.  I was in the latter category until I was 45 and had my first of many bouts with atrial fibrillation. After 4 angiograms I am now paying much closer attention to my health!

Recently, Mary Beth was talking with a friend from work – Renee. Mary Beth found out from Renee about a company that had a much different approach to health and nutrition. The name of the company is Life Force International. They are a network marketing company based in California. I know what a lot of you think when you hear “network marketing company”. After researching the products we decided to give their product “Body Balance” a try. It is basically liquid vitamins and nutrients. We will let you know after we have been taking it for about 4 weeks. So far, I think it will make a big difference in how we feel.

We also decided to join the business side of Life Force International. I will be setting up a website to promote the products soon. If any of you are interested in learning more you can go to our company provided website at www.LifeForce.net/20728306 where you can learn more and order products if you like.

I hope you take a look. When my new website is ready I will let you know here on our blog.

One more thing…. My Brother-in-Law, Brian Huinker recently had serious heart surgery. We are happy to hear that he is back home and doing better. Brian has a lot of people praying and sending positive thoughts his way. We all hope he continues a rapid recovery.

Have a Great Day everyone!

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21st Feb 2008

“Last Lecture” Reprise on the Oprah Show

A colleague of Mary Beth sent her a link to a segment of the Oprah show. Oprah has Randy Pausch do a reprise of his “Last Lecture”. It is really an amazing video. Click HERE to watch the video.

“Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”, the inspirational and moving “Last Lecture” given by Professor Randy Pausch (www.randypausch.com) at  CMU (Sept 2007). Randy reprised and discussed this talk on the Oprah Show in Oct 2007. Randy Pausch is a virtual reality pioneer, human-computer interaction researcher, co-founder of CMU’s Entertainment Technology Center, and creator of the Alice (www.alice.org) software project. Other videos by Randy, including downloadable versions of this and other talks, can be found at www.cs.virginia.edu/robins/Randy

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19th Feb 2008

Let it snow? NO!

Eric working hard Big Job Zennon helping outside 

This year is the most snow since we moved into this house! Most of it has fallen since Eric moved in. My back thanks you a lot Eric! The latest snow came while Zennon was spending the weekend with us. It was fun for about 10 minutes before he was ready to go inside. It seems that no matter what we are doing – Zennon wants to help. He helps me cook, he makes his bed and he even wants to help clean up after supper!

Zennon stayed with us last weekend plus Monday & Tuesday. We spent most of the time in the house. He loves to play with his model train set and visit the “Train Store” in downtown Eau Claire. On this visit he also got to spend two afternoons playing with his friends across the street. They are twin boys – Ethan & Evan – that are about two years older than Zennon. They have a blast whenever they get together.

I have been adding pictures at a web site called “Photo Bucket”. To get there look at the menu on the right side of the screen. Under the heading Pages just click on “Online Photo Albums”.

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17th Feb 2008

How we spent our Valentines Day

Wisconsin Capital Rotunda This was probably the most unusual way we have ever spent Valentines Day. Mary Beth and I were at the Wisconsin State Capitol to meet with our Senator and Representative to talk about bill related to Epilepsy. The picture was taken on the second floor rotunda facing the East Gallery. Mary Beth is on the Board of Directors for the Western Wisconsin Epilepsy Foundation. She also had epilepsy until she was in her 20’s and our oldest son, Eric, also has epilepsy.

The bill that we were there to support would require pharmacists to notify the doctor and the patient when the pharmacy changes manufacturer of a particular drug. There are lots of manufacturers of the generic form of any particular drug. By law, the generic can be anywhere from 80% to 125% of the “blood absorption” rate of the original brand name of the drug. This is not a big deal for most drugs. If the pharmacy changes the manufacturer of my cholesterol pill it won’t cause me to have a heart attack! However, drugs that control seizures have very narrow effective ranges. Changing manufacturers without even your doctor knowing can and HAS caused seizures. If the doctor knew about the change and knew your specific history a test would probably be ordered to check your levels on the different pill manufacturer.

You might think this is simple common sense – right? It passed in the Senate on a voice vote. Then it went to the Assembly. The leadership of both parties may be pretty smart about politics, big business and special interest groups. But when it comes to doing something simple and right for us common folks – forget about it! First they have to speed dial one of their lobbyists to see what they should do. In our case it is opposed by the pharmacist lobby. It’s too much work for them – that’s not what they say – but that is their only real objection. The rest gets obscured with a flood fancy terminology and numbers and science and absorption rates and on and on and on.

Mary Beth and I are happy to report that both our Senator – Kathleen Vinehout and our Representative – Jeff Smith are in favor of this bill. This was also the first time we have ever had an appointment with a legislator to discuss a bill. It is an amazing thing that more people should take the time do. If you live in Wisconsin we would really appreciate it if you would email or write your representive in Madson to please Support Senate Bill 71. It is real easy to find out who your representitive is. Just go to www.Wisconsin.gov or google “who is my wisconsin state representative”.  When you send your letter or email please let them know where you live. It makes a big difference to them to know that you are an individual with an opinion and not part of an organized effort to flood them with email. Also, if you email – please copy Representative Vukmir at Rep.vukmir@legis.wisconsin.gov – she is one of the leaders that is against the bill. Thanks a lot for helping!

If you would like to leave a comment on this – or any post – please do! Right below this post is the underlined words “No Comments” or something like “3 Comments”. Anyone can read comments – but you have to register or log in the leave a comment. In order to avoid being flooded with porn and spam I have to approve comments – so you won’t see it right away.

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16th Feb 2008

It’s not easy….

Dad It’s taken me some time to be able to do this. Quite a few people have visited this web site expecting to find something new. I guess I just needed a little time before I could start writing again. We thank all of you for all the cards and calls along with your prayers and support. It really does make a difference. I think about him alot and I will always miss him.

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