19th May 2011

10 Good Reasons to hire a Grown-Up

Susan Kim has written a wonderful blog post at TalentZoo.Com that discuss age bias in the hiring process. She talks about the idea that many hiring managers think that anyone over 40 is too old to work in any field that requires creativity! Her blog lists the advantages to what she calls “Advantages to Hiring a Grown-Up”.

I won’t repeat everything she has to say but here are her key points:

  1. We know how to have real conversations. We did not grow up texting people in the same room as us. This also gives us the ability to listen.
  2. When we are working, we’re working. Our job is not our social life.
  3. It’s nice to have a Grown-Up on the team. Think – your top client is in the conference room and the projector broke. Who do you want presenting with just a white board and a marker: the grown-up or the recent grad?
  4. We have seen it all before and have perspective.
  5. We are done with babies. We may have kids or grandkids. But they don’t keep us up all night!
  6. Loyalty. We stay put and support those that support us.
  7. We’re on time. Probably because we still wear watches.
  8. We understand the bottom line. We know how to be responsible with the company’s money.
  9. We are good mentors.There is no substitute for experience, in work and in life, when it comes to being a good mentor.
  10. If you are selling to the biggest, most powerful, wealthiest demographic (Baby Boomers), who better to shape the message?

I think this was a great post. I believe that too many judgments are made based on age bias. Susan Kim points out some good reasons and did it without trashing younger people.

I hope you take a few minutes are read the post. There are other links on the site that are usefull as well.

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