17th Feb 2011

Letter to Wisconsin Senator Vinehout

Senator Vinehout,

My wife and I met with you in the past about legislation we were interested in. We found you to be very attentive to the concerns of your constituents. We also voted for you. I will never vote for you again based on your cowardly action today of leaving Madison and leaving the Senate unable to vote on Governor Walker’s proposal to take state employees off of the gravy train of benefits they enjoy that no one other than mafia controlled union members enjoy.

I have been un-employed for a year. My wife works for a major financial in Eau Claire. As a couple we pay about $500 a month for health insurance. We do not have a “pension” – we pay into a 401(k). I am unemployed because – unlike a “civil servant” – I can be let go because the company is not making enough money. Don’t try the argument that they make less to have better benefits. Studies have been done that clearly show the average state worker is much better off today than the average non-state worker, those that actually still have a job.

Are you blind to the fact that only state employees are demonstrating? Maybe I exaggerate – there are probably Teamsters and other powerful and corrupt unions demonstrating as well. Also students that want an excuse to cut class. Most of the people in the state agree with me – state employees need to bear their fair share of the pain.

It really bothers me and my neighbors that the media is focused only on the lower end of the pay scale state employees that are demonstrating. I do not want to hear their sob stories when I have trouble paying my property taxes – let alone my living expenses.

I will never vote for a Wisconsin Democrat again because of your action today.

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