01st Jan 2008

One more year in the archive…

What a hectic end to a very busy year. I am not even going to try to give a recap…..

We had a nice Christmas involving way too much travel. Right before Christmas Mike Quinn (MB’s nephew) got married at St. Thomas University (where many Quinn & Krebsbach family members have attended including my grandfather and my son Ryan) in St. Paul. We had a great party at Brother Dan’s house with nearly all of MB’s family present – including the Arizona & Iowa branchs! After the wedding we attended a wonderful reception with ALL 10 Quinn brothers & sisters and nearly all of their kids and grandkids! We got a lot of pictures – which I will post as soon as I can find our camera! I hope it is at Eric & Ryan’s appartment in Woodbury. It was great to see everyone – it is a very rare event that can get such a large family together. MB has family in Minnesota, Iowa, Arizona and Wisconsin with nieces & nephews scattered around the country! The wedding reception was a lot of fun and Mike married a wonderful gal with a great extended family of her own. We wish them every success.

We stayed in Woodbury thru the weekend because the Vikings played on Sunday Night Football. On Dec 17 the Vikings played the Bears on Monday Night Football. I am pretty sure that we were on TV because the guy that sits right in front of us was dressed as Santa. There was a TV camera below and to the left of us. The camera was on us quite a few times and twice I saw the red light come on indicating that it was “live”. So on sunday the Vikings played the Redskins with the winner probably getting into the playoffs. Eric & Ryan went to the game with us. Santa was sitting in front of us again. The Vikings did what they do so often – played just bad enough to lose. Did I mention that it was another snowy day? All in all it was a pretty hectic weekend – late nights – lots of driving – lots of snow – what more could you ask for Christmas? How about tossing in Ava & Zennon!

Mary Beth & I left Woodbury early on Christmas Eve and drove to Alma to see my folks. We had a nice visit – but it is hard to see my dad. He needs to work harder at his recovery than he currently is doing. What makes it hard for me is that my mental image of dad is hard working, weight lifting, vitamin taking, golfing, walking, active Dad. Not the guy on the couch. Anyway, I don’t want to talk about it here. I really hope he can turn it around in his head and start doing what he needs to do to recover. It has to come from inside him. I just want him back.

Eric & Ryan arrived home in the afternoon of Christmas Eve. Eric has officially moved back home. He has a job in Eau Claire that starts right after Christmas. We moved a bunch of his clothes and stuff. We got a call from Tammy about picking up Ava & Zennon. Eric & I met Tammy about 8pm halfway between The Cities and Eau Claire and got the kids. They are staying with us for two weeks! I will talk about that visit in another post.

Like I said – a very hectic end to the year. Even with all that we had a comfortable & fun New Years Eve party for Ava & Zennon, Eric, Mary Beth and me. I cooked crab legs for dinner (the little ones have expensive taste!). We played bowling on the Wii that we got for Christmas. The kids went to bed about 9pm, Eric went about 10pm and MB & I actually made it to midnight – for the first time in years.

All in all – 2007 was a pretty good year and I have pretty good feeling that 2008 is going to be even better! Happy New Year everyone……….

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