09th Dec 2007

The Accident

Dad&BabyBike This is a really hard post to write and I have been putting it off for too long. The sunday before Thanksgiving we got a call that my dad was in the hospital in Phoenix and was having brain surgery for a subdermal hemotoma that he suffered in a motorcycle accident. He was in Phoenix visiting my sister Elizabeth (I always call her Betsy which pisses her off) and her Fiance – Dan. They quite often go riding on Sundays with a group of other bikers. Dan has several bikes and offered his Sportster to my dad to ride. Even though dad is 78 he still has a valid motorcycle license. He was really looking forward to the ride. I know they were really looking out for him and everyone was really glad to have him go along.

In the Hospital On Tuesday morning I flew down to Phoenix to help. Dad came out of the surgery very well. He has 4 broken ribs but otherwise he is in pretty good shape. On Thanksgiving day Elizabeth arranged for a full traditional dinner with turkey and all the fixings in the “sun room” at the hospital. She invited several friends and we had a great time. It was wonderful to see him out of bed and moving around. The picture was taken in the sun room during dinner! We flew home on Sunday – which was quite an ordeal by itself! Naturally the Homeland Security goons selected a 78 year old accident victim in a wheelchair and on oxygen to be singled out for extra checking because we changed the return date on his ticket! At least we got him home OK and he is doing much better now! Elizabeth was a total gem and took great care of dad. Her medical training and skill helped alot from helping dad at the accident to talking to the doctors and helping all of us understand what was happening. She was a real shinning light. Dan was also there every step. He treated dad like he would treat his own dad in the same situation. He is absolutly fantastic!

On Wednesday before Thanksgiving I was invited to Kathy & Pat Hennesy’s house – Kathy is Mary Beth’s sister. It was a wonderful break. I used their internet and phone for over 2 hours to make the revised plane arrangements and afterward Kathy made a wonderful dinner and we had a nice evening on their newly remodled deck. It was a very welcome relief to a stressful week. On Thanksgiving day they invited me, Betsy and Dan to join them for Thanksgiving dinner. Uncle Floyd from Long Beach and Bridget and Chad and Paul and Terresa were also there. They all made us feel so at ease during such a difficult time.

We just had our Krebsbach family Christmas party in Alma yesterday. All my brothers and sisters (except Betsy) were there with their kids and grandkids. Dad may not have had the energy of past years. But we were all greatful to celebrate one more Chistmas with the WHOLE family! We all thank God for our continued Blessings…… We hope you all have a Very Merry Chistmas and a Healthy New Year!

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