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04th Nov 2010

Do you Remember Matthew Lesko – the ? Guy

 I know that you have seen him on TV. Matthew Lesko promoting a book that shows you how to get “free” money by applying for Government Programs that most people don’t even know exist. He is always wearing an outrageous suit that has question marks on it. He even refers to himself as the question mark guy.

I bring this up because I get a lot of great marketing information  from Jim Kukral. I took a course from the University of San Fransisco on Advanced Marketing with Social Media. Jim is one of the instructors and also a great guy. Yesterday I got an email from Jim. Here is part of the email:

“Got 18 minutes today to watch a video? Nothing to buy here. Just really, really solid information that will blow your mind. You know how I write about Matthew Lesko in my book? You know, the question mark guy? The guy who has made millions selling books on TV and online off of being a wacky character?

Well, he produced an 18-minute video about his brand/life story that is MUST watch. You can view it here on his website

Why watch this? Because this guy will show you how to be successful by thinking differently and creatively. When I interviewed him for my book, this one quote stuck out to me.

“If you’re like everyone else, you’re in the middle. And nobody remembers the middle.”

Think about it. Having trouble getting the life you want? The job you want? All the money you want? Maybe you’re in the middle?

Watch this, get motivated, then let me know what you think. Have a great day! Jim Kukral.”

You can find Jim Kukral on Facebook HERE. You can sign up for his newsletter or visit his websites and Facebook pages that are full of great marketing ideas.

 Watching the video about Matthew Leske reminded me of this quote:

“Self-esteem isn’t everything; it’s just that there’s nothing without it.”

Gloria Steinem

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