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13th Apr 2008

Happy Birthday Haley & Amber!

On April 9th our twin granddaughters – Haley & Amber became teenagers! They are now 13 years old. Mary Beth and I could not be there to celebrate – but they are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers every day. Particularity on their birthday.

We don’t get to see them as much as we would like. However, we are in touch by email almost every week. We cherish those emails nearly as much as the time we get to spend with them. Our family is so important to us and Haley & Amber are a BIG part of our family. They are growing up so fast – but they are so great! How many teenagers email their grandparents EVERY week?

Haley – Amber – we love you very very much and cannot wait to see you!

Love – Nana & Gramps!!!!

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04th Apr 2008

How Important is Your Health to You?

We all have our own unique approach to our health. Most of us completely ignore it until we are at least35. Then some of us go overboard, most of us do what is easy or convenient and some of us continue to ignore it.  I was in the latter category until I was 45 and had my first of many bouts with atrial fibrillation. After 4 angiograms I am now paying much closer attention to my health!

Recently, Mary Beth was talking with a friend from work – Renee. Mary Beth found out from Renee about a company that had a much different approach to health and nutrition. The name of the company is Life Force International. They are a network marketing company based in California. I know what a lot of you think when you hear “network marketing company”. After researching the products we decided to give their product “Body Balance” a try. It is basically liquid vitamins and nutrients. We will let you know after we have been taking it for about 4 weeks. So far, I think it will make a big difference in how we feel.

We also decided to join the business side of Life Force International. I will be setting up a website to promote the products soon. If any of you are interested in learning more you can go to our company provided website at where you can learn more and order products if you like.

I hope you take a look. When my new website is ready I will let you know here on our blog.

One more thing…. My Brother-in-Law, Brian Huinker recently had serious heart surgery. We are happy to hear that he is back home and doing better. Brian has a lot of people praying and sending positive thoughts his way. We all hope he continues a rapid recovery.

Have a Great Day everyone!

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