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15th Nov 2007

Golf with Dad I was driving by the golf course where we are members (just one road south of us) and was amazed to see it still was open. I did not golf as much as I wanted this year – but every single time it was with Mary Beth or my dad or my boys – or all of the above. That is what I like about golf. It is not something competitive with “the guys”. It is something I do with family. By the way – it is also fun to go golfing in November and not have to go to Phoenix to do it!

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12th Nov 2007

Birthday Party!

Zennon is 5Ava is 3 Last weekend we celebrated birthdays for Zennon and Ava. On November 16 it is Zennon’s 5th birthday. On November 12 it is Ava’s 3rd birthday. We have a photo album at – Click here to see all the pictures!

We had a great weekend for their birthdays and we are blessed to have had Ava for her birthday. She had a wonderful day with her day care provider and dinner out with Nana and Gramps. She delighted the other diners as she got 4 balloons, then they gave her a sunday and she created a bit of laughter as she discovered she does not like marshino cherries and spit them out! It was “priceless”. Zennon had to talk to his “Gramps” on the phone as he wanted to make sure that Ava had no access to his new train! We had a wonderful birthday celebration for both of them. We treasure all the time we have them and have really enjoyed watching Ava blossom here. She is an absolute delight. Zennon is making wonderful progress in his school and is getting better at communicating all the time. He is in a bridge program that is preparing him for Kindergarten. He is on a waiting list (this proves this is an epidemic) to be retested for the diagnosis of Autism. Ryan has indicated it is improtant that we are able to have the diagnosis removed before he enters Kindergarten next year. We will keep you updated on his progress. We hope you enjoy the pictures! Love MB & Mike

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08th Nov 2007

Ryan is 28 today!

Ryan Infant Today Ryan turned 28. Ryan Toddler It sure has been fun watching him grow. Ryan in Holland He sure has changed alot over the years. Ryan the Caveman But it sure has been fun.Ryan Today We always seem to have a great time doing things as a family.

I guess that is what the purpose of this website really is – to talk about family. To be able to share important events even tho our family and friends are located all over the world. So Ryan – Happy Birthday Son! We love you and want everyone to know what a great guy you are!

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05th Nov 2007

Halloween with Ava

Ava’s pumpkin On Tuesday night we spent a bit of time carving her pumpkin. Her favorite part was cleaning out the pumpkin. This is great as it is my worst part. She was very detailed getting every single seed. She loved the pumpkins and the carving process. Her face lit up when we put the candle in and turned out the lights for her to see the fruits of her labor.

Mike’s Pumpkin Pumpkin 1pumkin-2.jpgMike really got into the carving, especially with his new handi dandi tool kit. His pumpkins were really well done and in the dark they really looked awesome. Ava was very impressed with her “Gramps” abilities to make such a cool pumpkin. 

We are already excited for next year. I was able to find a costume for both Ava and Zennon on sale at Target. A sample of what we have to look forward to next year…

 2008 Ava’s costume

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05th Nov 2007

Week days with Ava

Ava Bunney  In September we started babysitting our youngest granddaughter – Ava – every other week. We enjoy every minute of the time we have with her. Ava will be three on November 12 so you can imagine what a bundle of energy she is. In the picture she is wrapped up in her bunny towel after her bath. It seems like she never stops smiling!

It is so fun for us to watch her grow and develop right before our eyes. Last week she was singing the ABC’s and counting to 10! She has jobs to do around the house like feeding the cat. She helps make the bed and loves to help make supper. We have settled into a nice routine. She goes to a wonderful Daycare provider (a grandmother) with several other toddlers at a house very close to ours. The social interaction has been very good for Ava and Jeanne is awesome with the kids. She spends time with them and has them very involved in learning activities. And it shows!

We really enjoy being able to spend this much time with Ava. We also enjoy our week off!

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